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No more spending COUNTLESS HOURS hopelessly wandering about the internet… in search of a legit way to make money online

What if you could START and FINISH everyday satisfaction and peace of mind?

What if you have A SYSTEM that generates money flowing into your pocket?

What if you could STOP WORRYING about losing money to attractive scam offers of dishonest marketers?

What IF you can earn 100% legal, stable income… 

What if TODAY you instantly say NO to the nonsense, risky money-making model like MLM, gambling, Crypto, Forex

Dear friend,

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself: How can I make money online?

I did.

I sat down at my computer and opened google and searched the answer

I landed on Quora and Reddit. I realized that there are a ton of people like me. There was a special question that I noticed. 

The person who asked this question was clearly in one of the darkest moments of his life.

Such a question quickly attracted the attention of so many people. There were dozens of answers.

I read the answers, most of them classified into the following categories

  • The Expert

  • The Beginner

  • The Scammer

  • People who have the same situation

In your opinion, who else?

  1. 1
    The Experts said that making money online is not easy. 

    He will have to start a blog writing articles, then make money from Adsense. He has to start a Youtube channel, produce videos to make money from advertising, etc.

  2. 2
    The Beginners shows him the steps to make Amazon affiliate, how to sign up for Fiverr, Upwork, and optimize his profile.
  3. 3
    The scammers told him to click on some link like this InvestYourMoneyHere.com, and he will receive a commission every day. They are websites about Crypto, MLM, HYLP, etc. You name it.
  4. 4
    And most of the rest said: I feel so sorry for you. I had the same situation before. And this is my story. Blah, blah, blah.

These answers will only WASTE of his time. He would need to read a ton of information. He became confused, overwhelmed.

It would become a disaster if he invested his little remaining money on a scam website.

Of course, some good people show him the right path. But it like find a needle in a haystack

Unfortunately, most people are like him.

Most of us have a potential risk

  • We could lose our jobs because of economic changes, companies bankruptcy, or retrenchment.
  • Your family has a new member
  • Your spouse suddenly lost the job
  • Some unwanted accident, sickness happen to your family member

We have been though the vicious circle

We have thought of our life, financials problem. Then, we decide to find a way.

Did you remember that

You have read through a ton of blog posts.

Then you bought products to help you get rich overnight.

When you read the sales page X: your emotion increases. You withdrew the credit card. You bought with excited and trembling.

Then you quickly clicked the product DOWNLOAD button.

You gobbled up the documents, watch the videos

You tried to apply tactics. You expected a good result.

But nothing happened.

You reread the course. You reviewed the mindset videos carefully

You tried to do better.

Still, nothing happened

You began to feel that something was wrong.

You started posting questions on social networks

Some said well about the product. Some said it was a scam.

You go to google search: Is Course X a scam?

Google showed you a series of blog posts saying that the product X is a scam

Depressed, you send an email to claim a refund.

Next, you read that other articles claim that the X product you bought was not as good as the product Y

You start researching product Y

You read its sale page, and you took out your credit card, you bought it ...


You did not know that: You continued the cycle...

Until you lose hundreds or thousands of dollars

You sigh, bored and in mind, you blame the courses, for the products.

But deep in your mind, you think: I can not make money online
It's like a magic skill, a miracle that only happens to the lucky ones.

But another voice in your mind says: making money online is real

Millions of people are making money online.

You are confused about your future, your family, your children.

You start to think about DREAMS of increasing your income.

You don't want to face the darkest moment in your life.

You know you have talent, patient, and the same time as successful people.

So what's the missing piece?

Be honest! Have you ever had such a period like that? 

Shocked news!

All those who make millions of dollars online have gone through the same process.


The Internet is not a new concept. Millions of Dot Com companies were born.

There was a time that ranking in Google search engine was easy. There were no penguins, hummingbirds, panda algorithms.

The website owners did many spam backlinks to rank their sites. 

When people EASILY take out their wallets to buy their Dot Come dreams.

There were hundreds, thousands of garbage products. And there are thousands, millions of their victims.

You will laugh when looking at the amateur sale page of some popular products a few years ago.

You think there's NO WAY I would spend money on such products.

Sad news!

When Clickbank, Jvzoo, Shareashare, and thousands of affiliate platforms were born, the number of junk products today has increased dramatically.
The technology comes in handy. People could write sale pages faster, better using the available formula.

Today junk products have a very flashy sale page.
It is easy now to make a MEDIOCRE product with a little patient in a short time.
Thus, more than 95% of course products, online courses are junk products.

Dishonest product creators can easily fake reviews. These fake testimonials are so real that you cannot know.
It only cost $5 to get a fake testimonial video review from a beautiful girl at Fiverr.
Don't blame yourself when you've bought such a trash product.
Successful people BOUGHT them too.

Do they succeed come from some secret that most people don't know?

What do they have? Mindset, framework, unique formula, special sale funnel.

We studied their business models, how they run their business and their products.
We made a conclusion. All successful entrepreneurs follow 4 rules.


They treat online businesses as offline businesses.

They bring real value to customers

They know that they are paid a large amount of money in proportion to the high value they bring to the market.


They try to create the best products, the most valuable products to market. 

They know that only satisfied customers will become the lifetime customers who bring sustainable income for their business


They create a system that brings a constant source of customers - a flow of customers who are interested in their products or services. 

They select and sell only to customers who need it, not to everyone.


They minimize and cut all the time-consuming stages and resources by outsourcing all the workout

They know that 95% of companies fail after five years because they only focus on sales and marketing at 10%. 

So success entrepreneurs concentrate on 80% on marketing and selling.

Wait! Stop. That's too much!

How can I do all these things? 

Among so many successful people, I am just a newbie.

How can I apply all the above principles?

I need a lot of time to do so.

I have too many unknowns.

How can I create excellent products for the market?

A system to generate traffic, continuous customers - It sounds like too much work to do

Have you ever heard:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

- Lao Tu

Think about the success online entrepreneurs, who you admire

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Frank Kern

Neil Patel

Tim Ferriss

Pat Flynn

Ramit Sethi

Ryan Deiss

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Do they face the newbie challenges like you?

You could think: "But they have worked on internet business for a long time. Now they are great entrepreneurs."


Today you have all the remarkable technology that saves you a ton of time. 

You can legally get rich quickly after one year, three years, or five years if you did right.

Most people spend five years and ten years running around, busy trying the wrong products.

Some people spend all the time. 

They have never stopped to think and applied any of the "4 rules".

But YOU are not so. 

You start to care about your audience. You don't want to recommend affiliate links for junk products anymore. 

You want a quality social network who believe in your words.

You will begin to bring to your audience quality products and services that you carefully chose and experienced. 

You are happy to help your audience, your friends. You give time to advise and introduce a great product to help them - you want to see many THANKS and no negative feedback. 

You start thinking about the most effective way to get customers to know your product or service. You systematize them to help you.

You understand the power of the internet that will make you money even when you're not there.

You start focusing on introducing products to as many people as possible. You spend 80% of your time selling and marketing.

When you do it right, the results will appear.

Where you focus, it grows.

Do you feel sick and tired of:

  • Struggling all three years ago to read, selected, tested, and fail continuously because of garbage products.
  • You hate to see many ads that make money over one night years after years.
  • Every night when your family is asleep, you sit in the living room in the dark. You are worried about your family's financial situation.
  • And you keep trying to solve the myth in many years: how can I make money online?

Be honest! Do you want to stop?

Do you want to think and act like successful people?

Do you want to take the right steps to start building YOUR online business? Slow but steady.

Let us help you:

  • Build your online business with the best quality products and services.
  • You don't have to waste time learning new skills
  • You don't need spend time creating products and services
  • You now have peace of mind with a steady income.
  • You create the cash flow from small to big by expanding the size of your audience.
  • You no longer have any financial worries and sleep well every night.
  • You turn from being confused, overwhelmed to calm.
  • You can now focus on your audience.

Successful people online have done it.

They start from the right basic idea.

Now you can do it.


Outsourcing Business In A Box (OBB)

Building a stable, steady monthly income stream from a system that consistently delivers sustainable traffic sources of hungry customers to the best-proven services on the market.

What is Outsourcing business?

It is one of the smartest business models that humans have ever designed.

You are the middle man between 2 sides: 

  1. The VAST majority of companies in need of services like blogging, video making, building SEO links.
  2. A hundred of thousands of services, freelancers are providing the services at affordable prices.

You are a middle man with these benefits:

  • You buy the service at a low price.
  • The customer pays you at a high price as the market
  • You get a high profit, even 4, 5 times higher than the cost of the service.

For example, the price of a whiteboard video is $200/video. You can sell it for $600. Your profit is $600-$200=$400.

In this business:

  • You don't have to spend time doing the most laborious and most time-consuming task: Production
  • You can have the number of customer's orders at the same time without any limitation on working time. Because you may have list of multiple suppliers
  • You can focus most of your time on marketing and sale, meaning your income can GROW to become significant. 
  • Your customers will reuse your services. You can have long-term and sustainable income.
  • Your number of customers will GROW over time. Your income will grow over time.
  • The business is yours. You can hire people to help you.
  • You can even have multiple businesses at the same time for various services to serve the same audience.
  • You can sell your business for big money after six months, one year as your will.

What will you get in Outsourcing Business in a Box?

List of best service suppliers

List of 5 best services along with all suppliers that you can resale right away to all bloggers and small businesses.

The document shows you how to contact, transfer the order and delivery report to your customers.

You don't need much money because the customer will pay you upfront.

You can even start your business today if you know some group of customers needs the services.

Five websites prebuilt that are stunning to every pixel.

You can start to sell service and earn money instantly as you don't need to build a website, do copywriter. 

All websites are responsive, so you do not lose customers when they use mobile phones (80% of internet users use mobile phones). 

We design top-notch websites that can wow your customers. They are the most conversion, which helps you to earn much with a small audience.

30 Min traffic machine

The documentation that guides you through building a system that brings steady traffic to your website. 

Don't worry, if you can click here, click there; you will finish creating the system in just 30 minutes. Everything has a template. You can apply them quickly.

You will experience the phenomenon: make money while you sleep. Customers who come from that system go to the website, then place the order when you sleep

So when you wake up, you will see the money. That's absolutely NO MAGIC at all.

What's even better, it only takes you 30 minutes a month to add new content. It will keep the system working to serve the old audience and pull in a new audience.

It is not complicated. You will have all the guided documents.

15-minute documents run businesses every day.

Administrative work is necessary and time-consuming. 

When working SMART, you do not have to spend too much time on administrative work. 

When done right, everything is SIMPLE. And simplicity will always work the best.

We give you a process that takes only 15 minutes a day to take care of your business. 

You will have more time to ENJOY what you love doing. 

Guide how to run many businesses

Documentation shows you how to run many businesses at the same time, and FREE yourself from work.

Your business will grow. You can have multiple websites running at the same time.

We have documents and templates AVAILABLE for you to hand them over to your visual assistant.

We even SHOW you where you can find an excellent visual assistant and how to hire them.

When you come this far, your income will be substantial.

You can outsource the work to have more freedom, more time to enjoy your abundant life.

Documents show you how to sell your website after 06 - 12 months

In case you want to sell one of your business after 06 - 12 months. It brings you so much money. No one can stop you. 

Maybe you want to buy a new house, buy a new car, or pay your college debt, or even travel through 5 countries. YOU CAN.

You are the BOSS. 

If you own a business that generates an income of $1k or even $20k per month, many Flippa buyers will buy it

Selling a business that is making money is extremely easy.

If you start NOW, you only invest a little money. 

What exactly is OBB?


It includes websites template, documentation, graphic templates, excel templates, doc templates, video guides.

It forces you to start the business right away.

It is NOT a course. You don't have to waste time to consume it.

You can download everything to your hard drive. And start to take action right away.


Have you ever here this:

The only way to FINISH is to START

Who buys OBB will take action right away.

It is NOT a product or course to store in your hard drive. And then forget it with hundreds of other courses and products.

It only takes 20 minutes for you to have a website live. So it SAVES you a few weeks and hundreds of dollars to create a service website.

It SHOWS you how to build a system that drives traffic to your website right away.

No more watching a ton of videos, reading a ton of theories.



  1. 1
    Learning Mindset (though a ton of videos)
  2. 2
    Learning how to build a system by consuming more of videos, PDFs
  3. 3
    Try to do the step - Do wrong - Fix the error and rebuild things 
  4. 4
    Start to see results (if you don't quit)
  5. 5
    See money (if you are lucky)
  6. 6
    Master Mindset



  1. 1
    Do it RIGHT from the start (as guide document)
  2. 2
    See the RESULTS (traffic, orders, money)
  3. 3
    Grow the audiences and EARN more money.
  4. 4
     Master Mindset

There are many products and courses out there. We have learned hundreds of them.

They are all the same content, here they are:

  • First, pick your audience
  • Choose the niche (do a lot of keyword research)
  • Next thing to do: write a TON of blogs (for your blog)
  • Next, write a TON of blog of guest blogs (contact a blog owner)
  • Take 1-3 months to create a product (from YOUR own idea)
  • Create a Facebook group (and promote it)
  • Etc.
  • You can tell more

They are FUN, scientific, but HARD to follow.

Most of the people GIVE UP even after they have not completed the course.
But people keep being intrigued by the course, new products.

That explains there are hundreds of courses on your hard drive, Mega.nz, 1 TB Google Drive.

And most of them, you haven't even read their sales page yet.

We don't know you, but we want you to use our product as soon as possible. 

We want you to master the mindset and earn good money.

We DON'T want to offer you a product that takes a long time to consume, complicated, and hard to apply.

We think: The people whom to take action are the winner.

So we make the product for the doers, not thinkers.

The difference between doers and dreamer

What makes successful people different?

They are not smarter or have more time than us. 

They also faced difficult times in financial life like us. 

They are SUCCESS because they think and action: 

  • They are Doers
  • They CHOOSE to take action

  • They commit to giving 15 minutes a day to earn money.

  • They want to ensure financial support for their family and future.

  • They aren’t blindly trying the latest products, courses that waste their time and money.

  • They want to focus on making money, not on the new shiny objects

  • They want to have a long-term source of income 

  • They are not in the vicious cycle: Buy a new product - try it - get no result -  give up - then buy a new product. That WASTES their energy and lifetime. 

  • They know how to change the question: "How do I make money?" to "How can I extend my monthly income?"

  • They also work to see get their dreams come true

  • They achieve the goals through MONEY.

  • They always feel calm, peace in mind when seeing their life, family, relationship, health become better.

OBB is for you if you want:

  • To start a business today WITHOUT having to consume tons of boring theories
  • Focus right on finding your audience, serving them with products you trust and love
  • Take action today, make money, expand your business, and then help more people.
  • You want to bring more value to the market and live a prosperous life
  • You want to take action without hesitation.
  • You don't want to take time to answer the old questions over and over: Who am I? - Why must I take action? - When should I start? - How I do it?
  • You want to take action now. NOW!

We designed OBB for people who want to succeed and want to go beyond the crowd.

Everything is READY for you.


What do I need to get started?

You need a little money to get started. First, you need to buy hosting and domain.

If you don't know how and where to buy hosting, domain, we have a guiding document. 

I do not have time. Starting a business - it sounds too much to do?

Any legal business will take time and money.

This business will take more than 30 minutes per month to set up the traffic system, and 15 minutes to manage orders every day. 

Not all businesses are complicated.

This business model is the outsourcing business, and it is online. So it only takes you very little time and resources. 

It is suitable for everyone to get started.

I'm afraid of not having enough skills

The skills you need are click here, click there.

If you follow the guide, you can set up the system in a short time (more than 30 minutes).

You need to open Google sheet to update data 15 minutes every day.

How long will I see the first money?

We don't know.

It depends on many factors: Whether or not you start to act immediately.

When the audience on your website to order, you will have money. 

We encourage you to schedule your activities.

OBB can not help you get rich overnight.

How much will I earn monthly?

We don't know.

Your business can be small or large as your image and your action.

You can have one or many businesses as you like.

It depends on How much time you want to put on your own business.

Why are my customer not ordering directly from the service provider, but through me?

Business is the exchange of benefits and information.

You cut down on searching for excellent service from there to save money for your customers.

You bring exceptional service to your customers and earn money.


We've packed a lot into OBB, and I want to make sure that you not only get all that content before you fully commit to this — I want to give you 60 days to build your business online, and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire product. 60 days is enough time to get small success and then decide. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

It's simple: Buy the product and try it for yourself. If this outsourcing business model is not simple enough to bring you the money that you want, I want you to email me. Show me you did the steps, and I'll give you all your money back.

This guarantee lasts 60 days, which completely covers the product. That means you can try the ENTIRE product and then decide if it's right for you.

Outsourcing Business In A Box

Get started now for just $29

Use discount code xs2w15q to save $470

If you have any questions or concerns about the product, call or email us. We're happy to help

Some people choose to be stuck
Some decide to take action and GROW

We often take a lot of time to make a decision. Many people spend many years of their lives dreaming forever without starting.

We keep looking at successful people and wonder how they did it.

We always feel financial risk, live in fear. We don't know that if you DARE to build your own business right now, all the fear will disappear. Instead, it's just your action.

We save the money and accept to live within our mental barrier.

Worst of all, we lie to ourselves that successful person has God skills, or extremely lucky in their life.

The truth is that they outperform most people: they choose to take action. They are not paralyzed by continuing analysis in a short time.

Most people spend a lifetime applying for random products and courses. They become frustrated and even give up. Think about it - this is DECADES of frustration.

How many people you know have committed to starting their own business and giving up ... even though they claim they want a better life?

How many of us know who are 40, 50, even 60 years old, who are tired, who see the problem in every solution?

Now, fast forward in your own life: What if you did nothing different today ... and ended up like them tomorrow?

Success entrepreneurs recognize the importance of mastering mindset, but they know that they can only learn through action.

OBB is a set of tools that force you to start, to find audiences, and earn money.

You can access it lifetime to find new methods, templates updates.

Now, think about it: Building a business is not necessarily complicated; it is an action that you want to do every day.

So think about it as simple as you wake up and brush your teeth.

Outsourcing Business In A Box

Get started now for just $29

Use discount code xs2w15q to save $470

If you have any questions or concerns about the product, call or email us. We're happy to help

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