Let the goose lay the golden eggs; don’t kill it.


You can now kill one, as you have many.

Start Your Own Professional Magazine, like the giants Forbes and BBC News, which bring multiple streams on income from Amazon, Google Adsense, Clickbank, Jzvoo, CJ…

  • It can automatically post 5-10 fresh posts every 60 minutes. 
  • It’s perfectly designed down to every pixel. It has stunning visuals that can WOW your visitors
  • It supports all languages around the world.
  • It’s GDPR compliant.
  • It has a separate version as an AMP that loads super-fast on all mobile phones.
  • It has a smart ad display system which brings in the most clicks from visitors.
  • It brings in many income streams from affiliate programs: CJ, Clickbank, Jzvoo…
  • It has its own email marketing system that can nurture hundreds of thousands of readers automatically, without you lifting a finger. 
  • The cool part is you can install it on unlimited domains and flip them for a quick profit
  • Or keep them to have a lot of geese laying golden eggs for you each month!

Have you ever dreamed of having a website ... 

...that has hundreds of thousands of monthly visits

& bringing you multiple income streams from Google Ads, Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, CJ, Jzvoo…?

* Plus, one that’s well-designed, has a modern layout, and loads super-fast on mobile phones.

* It can also automatically generate blog posts every hour, daily, with as fresh news as the world-renowned BBC News and Forbes.

...Without you lifting a finger.

But how we can achieve the dream (it likely almost never happen)

  • Most of us don't own a professional technical design team to come up with such a perfect website
  • You don’t have the resources to publish huge amounts of content (5-10 articles per hour) to serve your readers.
  • Plus, not all of us can handle complex tasks, such as tweaking the settings for a website to be multilingual, responsive, and load quickly on mobile phones.
  • Not to mention setting up an email marketing system which automatically takes care of customers…

Luckily, you now have OMGG.

FUN FACT: Oh My Golden Goose = OMGG

This is a product in which we have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create 19 website templates (up to 100) with all the features you’ve ever dreamed of.

The function automatically posts 5-10 posts every 60 minutes

Imagine how much effort and time it takes to write 5-10 posts per hour!

Or how much money it is to hire copywriters to produce that number of posts!

Plus, that’s not to mention the quality of the articles.

Content is the biggest burden when running an online magazine.

OMGG saves you hundreds of dollars every hour and thousands of dollars every day.

There’s an extremely intelligent ad display system

Indeed, it is easy for visitors to click on the ads on your website. 

There are ads at the beginning and end of each article, at the header, footer, and sidebar ...

and you even have additional 14 options of where to place your ads.

You’re free to place ads from any source: Google Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

Although there are many ads, they’re displayed in a very smart way that helps maintain a high convert-to-click rating.

The ability to make money from advertising is unlimited.

OMGG has the smart function of suggesting articles on the same topic to readers, helping to reduce the bound rate and improve your magazine's ranking on Google.

OMGG integrates a modern sale standard system; you can make sales for all articles and images on the website.

There is an email marketing function that helps you build a list of hundreds of thousands of readers and automatically notifies them whenever new articles has been published on your website. This can help you maintain an extremely rich and stable source of traffic.

OMGG gives you a website with a specially-designed mobile version that Google will love; it’s extremely fast-loading on your phone.

80% of your website visitors will come from your phone, so you won't be dropping any mobile visitors. 

OMGG has built 2 shops for you about books and related items, helping you attain two more sources of income from Amazon, making the most of your website's huge customer base.

OMGG is well-designed with a modern layout.

It has a beautiful appearance, like famous magazines, so the visitor will feel like it’s the work of a professional design team.

OMGG can display all languages in the world, or you can choose the number of languages you want to display. It even works in Europe because the website is GDPR compliant.

With all these functions, it’s surprising that the website still has very light code, extremely fast loading times, and high scores on the speed measurement tools Pingdom and GTmetrix, Yslow.


We optimize everything so that conversion rates for ad clicks and subscriptions will reach the highest rates possible.

We have a library with the 100 hottest topics on the Internet

... that are carefully researched, niche, and full of lots of keywords which are often searched, reaching a large number of readers.

It ensures your website has the chance to generate the largest amount of money from that abundant source of guests.

You can freely choose the niche that suits your interests, or you can buy all. We don’t limit your desire to make money.

We give you a complete backup site, so you can install as many domains as you like.

This is what is different about us, compared to others on the market. This gives you the following benefits:

Now you can have a lot of magazine websites running; it's like a flock of golden geese laying eggs in your pocket every month.

You can kill a goose immediately by selling it to earn a quick profit, or you can feed your geese and enjoy the abundant passive income they bring. 

It’s your choice.


The best part is we will give the people who buy OMGG products today the following bonuses


A document to help you install and operate your website, which takes only 10 minutes.

You can also give this document to the people who buy your website.

Everything is well-prepared for you and you don’t need to invent anything as we have done all the hard work for you.


An Guide how to Build Your Own Business and sell it on Flippa to Get ROI 40,000% after 06 month. Value $97

This guide shows you how to sell the business at the price of at least $5000-$50000 after 6-12 months. It is easy to sell as the website has both traffic and income each month will be sold as $1 iPhone X on Black Friday


One course to build traffic on Pinterest worth $297.

This helps you build an automated system to bring in information-hungry traffic sources and easily develop loyal readers of your magazine.

30 Min Traffic Machine

These traffic sources have an even higher conversion rate than paid traffic sources.

The cool part is: They’re free!

You don’t have to hesitate

This is one of the best offers on the Internet. In fact, let’s summarize what you’ll get:


A responsive, multiple function website which has a value of $1000

Guide to sell your Business on Flippa to Get ROI 40,000%, value of $97

A Pinterest course - 30 Min Traffic Machine, value of $297

You can install it on unlimited websites and domains. Assuming you do so for 10, the amount would be $10,000.

Together they have a value of over $11,300

but you can get all of them today for just





only $47

Do I need any experience to run this site?

No, you don't need any experience at all! Our websites are turnkey, automatic, and ready to be promoted. No technical skills or web design experience is necessary!

What's included with this website?

You get a Guide to sell your Business on Flippa to Get ROI 40,000%, value of $97,  Pinterest Course (30 Min Traffic Machine) value $297, and a PDF guide how to setup your OMGG website. 

What can I earn money with this site?

You can install the site on unlimited domains and flip them as you like. Or keep them to earn money from multiple stream income of Affiliate Program Amazon, Click bank, CJ, Jvzoo, .... and Google Adsense.

This offer is an absolute no-brainer.

The price will return to $297 after the 30th slot has been claimed.

So, just click the buy button below and grab this offer right now, before it disappears and you have to pay triple the cost!

Get your OMGG today!

The first 30 slots are available here today for only $47.


Remember that you’re not only buying a website, you’re buying a herd of geese - many ​websites that run and bring money in at the same time.

Pay now and save $200 (only 30 slots)

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