How to build your website – Ultimate Guide (part I)

This is a complete guide for building WordPress from the start.

In fact, if you are working on building your WordPress website, this is absolutely the most practical and complete guide for you. 

You can get your site up in 48 hours or less. I will guide you through step by step with picture and video.

You would like to bookmark this guide for later reference or recommend it to your friend.

Let’s get started. 

How to choose a great domain from the start for your business

Choosing the right domain from the start is crucial. As you can not change your domain later without losing ranking, audience, and branding. 

If you don’t know how to choose the right domain, you are quickly taking the most common errors that every people made. 

But in the guide, we will show you some tips, then you can instantly get the right domain for your business.

Here are the crucial tips:

  • Always go for the .com
  • Get the domain as short as possible. Why? It is easy to remember, type in the browser address bar, printed on visit card
  • Get the only words domain. 
  • Avoid number, hyphen. Why? 

Please take a look at the domain which some guy gets it:
Really! Imagine how much time your audience will mistype your domain.
It is a nasty domain. 

Now here are the ways to get a great domain

1. Pick a flexible domain with keywords. 

Let's check the real domain


2. Use your name as your domain

If you want to start your own business, consider choosing a domain with your name

Here are some successful blogs with blog owner names.

Jeff Bullas - Marketing

Michael Hyatt - Leadership

Scott H. Young - Productivity & Self Improvement

Michael D Pollock - Life Coaching

James Clear - Productivity & Self Improvement

Matthew Woodward - Marketing

Robbie Richards - SEO


3. Use domain suggestion tool

There are a lot of great tools. Try one by one until you get the good domain

How to choose the best hosting for your starter blog

As you start a blog, I suggest selecting a hosting provider with excellent customer service and cheap. While there are many good hosting out there, I strongly recommend Namecheap hosting, as it has unbeatable pricing for the beginner.

namecheap hosting

Let’s check some hosting pricing:

Bluehost - $71.4 on first year (5.95$/month)

Godaddy - $83.88 in the first year ($6.99/month)

Hostgator - $101.69 on first year (7.95$/month)

Namecheap - $29.28 on first year ($2.44/month)

You can get a 38% Sale Off domain .com when buying Namecheap hosting.

The other free offer you can get when buying Namecheap hosting:

  • Free WhoisGuard - Protect your website from spam and identity theft.
  • Free 50 SSLs - This is an excellent offer that I like the most.
  • Free Email - which is very good when you need some branding email for support, sale, info, etc..

How to buy hosting at Namecheap

Here are the steps to buy Namecheap hosting

1. Click here to go to Namecheap hosting offer page

2. Click Get Started

At STEP 1, Choose Stellar Plus package, so you can get a 38% OFF domain .com

Stellar hosting namecheap

3. Next, at STEP 2, enter your domain

and click button Connect to Hosting

connect to namecheap hosting

4. Next, click button Add to Cart at SUMMARY

buy namecheap hosting

5. At the Cart, click Confirm Order

buy namecheap hosting

Namecheap will redirect you to a page that you can log in or create a new account if you don’t have one.

create account at namecheap

After log in, you can choose to pay with Credit Card or Paypal, click Continue 

buy hosting namecheap

Next, check out with Paypal or Credit Cart.

check out with paypal

Now, this is the final step after you paid, you will receive an email which tells that your hosting account is created. You will also receive another email which contains hosting login

How to point your domain to hosting

In case you buy the domain from another domain provider, you can point the domain to hosting at Namecheap as follows steps

Login your Namecheap hosting (which you buy from the last step)

Now look at the top right, you will find Shared IP Address

namecheap host ip

Now login to your domain provider, and go to Domain DNS manager, add 2 A Record like this

namecheap dns

And now you have done.

In some case, you need to wait up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully propagation

How to add addon domain in Cpanel

After you point your domain to hosting, now you need to add your domain to hosting as an addon domain. 

Here are the steps:

Login to your Cpanel hosting

On the search bar, type “addon” you will see the results as below image

Then click on Addon Domains

On the next screen, enter your domain 

add addon domain

and click Add Domain. Wait a moment, you will see the success notification.

Now you have done. 

How to install WordPress in Cpanel in 4 minutes

In this section, I will guide you to install WordPress inside your Cpanel.

Here are the steps

  1. First, log in to Cpanel, find and clickat Scripts in SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section

2. On the next screen, click button 

3. Enter your domain in “Choose domain”, remember to delete wp in “In Directory” (this step will make sure that you install WordPress in your main directory)

4. Next, enter your site name and Site Description. Enter something that make sense now, as you can edit them later. 

5. Next, Enter Username and Click iconto generate a strong password

6. The final step, click button and wait for 1-3 minutes.

Now you have done it. Remember to save your website login detail.

How to install theme and plugins

The next step is to install theme and plugins to your website. 

I strongly suggest you use Thrivetheme builder and install all Thrivetheme plugins. 

In the future, Thrivetheme plugins will serve you in many ways

I have a ton of guides, tutorials on using these plugins to skype rocket your subscribes list, run sale campaign, and beyond.

But for now, let keep it as simple as you start. 

First of all, go buy Thrivetheme membership and Thrive Builder and Plugin to your computer.

Click the button below to buy thrivetheme membership

After you buy, follow the step below to install theme and plugins

  1. How to install theme.
  2. How to install plugins

How to Install themes

First, login to your website, click Appearance -> Themes

Click , Then click

Click Choose File

Choose your theme, then click to upload your theme. 

Next, click Active to activate your theme. 


How to install plugins

Login to your website, then click Plugins -> Add New

Enter plugin name

Click then click

That’s it. 

Here is the list of plugins you need to install right away 

  • Akismet Anti-Spam - Protect your website from spam
  • Yoast SEO - All In One SEO plugin
  • WP Optimize - Clean up website database
  • Imagify - reduce image file size, make your site load faster
  • WP Rocket - speed up your website (Guide how to install and configure WP Rocket - coming soon)
  • All Thrivetheme Plugins (Guide how to install Thrivetheme plugins)
  • Wordfence - Security Plugin

How to pick the perfect font style for your website

Pick the right font for your brand will make a huge impact on your visitor. 

When I admire the big leading magazines, newspapers, websites on their choose their font designs.

I want to make this step quickly for you, but still deliberately and carefully. 

Of course, we will use the tool. 

I suggest using this site to pick the best font pair for your website. 

Take time to look at the real website that uses the font pair. 

  • Think about what you feel?
  • What you like about the font? 
  • How are they fit your brand, your topic?
  • Are they easy to read?
  • Are they good when you apply the font for a long blog spot?

Write all of your though and decide. 

Remember to take time at the step, as your website will stick with the font for a long time.

Click Customizer button at the topbar 

or from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize

Now click Fonts

Click choose font, then choose the Headline font and Body font.

Then click to save. 

How to design a great logo in 2 minutes

If you have a fund for design a logo for your business, we often hire a freelancer or use a logo design service. Here is the pricing.

  • A simple logo will cost $15 - $50

  • And a premium logo may cost up to $200

When we only need a simple logo for our new website, blog, or even small startup...We really need to save money for something that we must spend: domain, hosting, etc...

Then you can find this short guide helpful. 

Don’t worry, as I mentioned earlier: it is super simple. 

First, please check 2 minutes video to see how quickly to make one logo. 

Now, you can follow the steps here to create yours:

1. Go to

2. Enter your company name then click button

3. Choose any logo that fits you. If you can not find any logo that fits your style, just click any logo, you can replace the icon in the next steps

4. Now, Delete the image but leave the text

5. Click button at the right, then enter a keyword to find the icon.

For example, in the video above, I design a simple logo for my video website template, so I enter the keyword “animation” 

After I pick one icon, I will choose its color by click at the right side.

6. Next, I will align the icon and the text. In this case, it is a website logo, so I aligned them in horizontal.

Click at the top right. 

7. Now right click on Image, choose Save Image as… to download your logo

8. Crop the logo: You need to crop the logo at top and bottom. If you have Picture Manager, just open it and crop. In case you are on Mac or can not find Picture Manager on your computer, simply use the online crop image tool.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to then upload your logo by click Open ->Computer


  3. Now crop the top and bottom of the logo, then download it by click Save > Computer as below screenshot

That’s it. You can now have your logo in 2 minutes. 

How to create the basic page of your sites quickly

Now I will guide you on how to create basic page: Home, About, Blog, Contact page

Don’t worry about page design, we will do the job in later guides

Right now, just focus on creating the pages

Here are the steps

  1. First, log in to your website, then click Pages -> Add new

  1. Next, enter the page title

  1. Then click 

Now repeat all the steps to create all pages: Home, About, Blog, Contact.

How to create a menu

First, log in to your website, go to Appearance -> Menu

Now choose all the pages that you like to add to the menu

Then click

You can also drag the menu items.

The last step, click to save the menu. 

Now you have done it. 

How to create a contact page

The contact page is one of the most important pages. We will want to design it carefully, clean, clear and the most visible. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your website, click Page ->

(if you created the contact page in the previous section, then find it here and click Edit

  1. Uncheck all the checkbox, this step will hide all the unnecessary element on the page

  1. Click to launch Thrive Architect Editor

  2. Create a Content Box

  3. Then drag 2 Text and Contact form inside the content box

  4. Edit Text 1 and format it as Heading 1. And change Text 2 then align center

  5. Click Contact form, click add new if you want to add Phone, Website, Recaptcha form fields

Check the box if the field is required

  1. Click to setup email notification and Success Message.

  2. Click to Save and Publish page

Now you have done it. 

Here is the video which shows all the step above

There is a strategy that engages the visitor to read more blog post or consume more free material, even sell more products if you like. 

I will show you how to do it on the Thank you page. (guide coming soon)


Thank you for your reading. 

Just follow the step on these section, you will get your site live and run soon. 

Please share this guide to your friend

And bookmark the guide for use later.

If you have question, please leave a comment below. 

I will answer all the questions.


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