Get your 25 Dropshipping WordPress Stores (in 25 niches) with 15 cool features.

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but first

Why Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a great business model because of its many benefits:

  • Easy to get started. For someone who has never created an online store before, getting started with drop shipping is fairly easy. You just need to find a supplier, create a website, and start selling.
  • Low startup cost. The biggest cost to starting a retail operation is purchasing inventory to sell - you don’t have to buy any inventory. Your only expenses are the costs of creating your website and applying for a tax ID.
  • Low overhead. Since you don’t own any inventory you don’t need to rent warehouse space. Being an online store you also don’t need a physical space. Your only fixed costs are what it takes to run your website, which can be as low as $30 per month (or less)
  • Huge product selection. You’d be hard-pressed to find a product that can’t be drop shipped. There are dropship suppliers for almost anything.
    Low risk. Because you don’t have to worry about your inventory selling, a drop shipping business is an extremely low risk. If you don’t sell, you don’t lose anything!
  • Location independence. A lack of inventory means you can run your business from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. You can have your own store while traveling the country in an RV!
  • Easy to scale. For traditional retailers, three times the sales meant three times the work ordering, packing, and shipping product. With drop shipping, it just means you place three times the orders and your supplier handles the rest - leaving you time to continue growing your business!

There are hundreds of thousands of successful stories on the internet

The best part is: If they can do it, you can do it.

How dropshipping works

There are 6 steps

When there are hundreds of things that need your attention, you are easy to get overwhelmed. The truth is 98% quit from the beginning. People leave even when they haven't do anything yet.

The Challenges

Right at step 1: Setup an online store and list your products for sale

  • How can I select the right niche to start?
  • I don't have a tech background to build my eCommerce website
  • How to design a logo that fit my brand?
  • How can I build my website that displays well on mobile, tablet?
  • How can I choose and import the first 50 product on my website
  • I want to use coupon, cross-sale, up sale, quick view, popup cart, multi-payment gateway ...
  • How did I do all the stuff?

Yes, there is Shopify. But if you want a powerful website , you need to pay $29/month plus over $100/month for apps subscription.

At the start, your budget is small. You would like to spend them on Facebook Ads, promotion tools to get the first sale.

That when you think about build a Dropshipping Wordpress Store.

Your start fee is only hosting fee. It is about $10 per month.


Get your 25 Dropshipping WordPress Stores (in 25 niches) with 15 cool features.

Cool feature 1


Your Drop Shipping Store websites are adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions, not only on desktop but also on latest mobile, tablet.

Cool feature 2

Live chat

Engage with Customers, Increase Sales

  • Use your own photo and logo – make it personal
  • Get offline messages
  • Unlimited Agents

It’s all about conversions. Most visitors will only stay on your site for about 15 seconds.

So how can you keep them? It’s simple: connect with them.
Initiate chats with your visitors in real-time

Cool feature 3

Email for Ecommerce

Better understand your customers and send the right emails at every step of the customer journey, from send to sale.

  • Blog Updates On Autopilot
  • Say Hello — Automatically
  • Collect Emails & Grow Your Lists

  • Analyze and Optimize with Stats
  • Manage Subscribers
  • GDPR Compliant

Cool feature 4

Multi Payment Gateway

Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Master Card, Visa Debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Wechat Pay, Giro Pay, SOFORT, SEPA, Bancontact, P24, My Bank, etc...

Payment gateways on store enable you to process international payments and accept online payments from customers across the globe.

Cool feature 5

WooCommerce SEO plugin

Yoast SEO Premium + Yoast Woocommerce SEO Premium Plugin Installed

  • Rank higher with your online store in Google and Bing, and on Pinterest
  • Get more buyers to your website by making your products stand out in the results
  • Sell more online by making your products easier to find on your website

Cool feature 6

Automatic post content 

Your store can check your specified feeds regularly & post every new feed item as a new post.

It like magic!

Cool feature 7

Advance eCommerce functions

  • Ajax Search for woocommerce: Integrate an effective and predictive search engine on your store to allow users to find quickly the products they want.
  • Wishlist: Save their favourite products, find them quickly and easily at a later time and buy them.
  • Quick View: allows to obtain a quick view of single products directly in “Shop” page and to obtain main information without opening product detail page.
  • Social Share: let them share your product, get more customers

Even cooler features


Cool feature 8

Abandon Cart

A powerful tool to recover abandoned carts with targeted offers sent by e-mail

  • You will be able to recover many purchases left unfinished by sending emails including a coupon to users who haven't completed the order to encourage them to purchase;
  • You will be able to define how many emails will be sent and the specific span time (after one day, one week, etc.) and to customize their content;
  • You will have advanced control over reports about abandoned carts, visits to the site coming from the emails sent and recovered carts.

Cool feature 9

Offer Deal

Choose and promote products to offer to your customer as upselling before paying the order.

  • You can encourage customers to purchase a product/service with a special offer just when they are more inclined to complete their purchase.
  • You will increase the conversions of the discounted product (based on studies, 30% of customers takes advantage of the offer) and global sales on your store.

Cool feature 10

Account fund

Allows your customers to buy credits which can be used to purchase your products.

  • Thanks to the deposit of funds, you will be able to cash in before the actual purchase of your products;
  • You will loyalize users, encouraging them to always purchase on your e-commerce rather than on a different store by using their available credits.

Cool feature 11

Review for discount

Increase your review numbers and engage your customers by asking them to leave a review and give them a coupon for your shop in return.

  • You will easily and automatically receive good reviews from your users. Reviews are a powerful marketing tool to increase conversions and for your e-commerce to be renowned.
  • Thanks to the coupon, you will encourage users to place a new order on your e-commerce.

Cool feature 12

Coupon email system

Create and send strategic coupons in occasion of specific events to loyalize your customers and encourage them to buy.

  • You will loyalize your customers by sending a discount code on their birthday;
  • You will be able to encourage your customers to purchase by sending them a "reward" coupon if they have spent a specific amount or placed a certain number of orders;
  • You will be able to encourage users to go back to your e-commerce by sending an automatic coupon after a certain configured period since their last activity.

Cool feature 13

Product countdown

Boost sales with a countdown that show the remaining time for an offer or the quantity available for a specific product.

  • You will increase conversions by taking advantage of the scarcity principle, encouraging your customers to purchase certain products immediately and available only with a limited quantity.
  • You will boost your sales relying on the urgency strategy by creating tailored offers available only for a certain time span.

Cool feature 14

Frequency Bought together

Increase sales showing a section to suggest items usually bought together with the product watched by your customer.

  • You will take advantage of the social proof strategy to encourage users to purchase the products usually bought by other customers and therefore increase the average value of the order;
  • You will be able to suggest related products that can be interesting to your customers so as to boost your e-commerce conversions. (E.g. e-commerce suggesting a memory card to users purchasing a camera can increase the monthly turnover of 12%)

Cool feature 15

With all these functions, it’s surprising that the website still has very light code, extremely fast loading times, and high scores on the speed measurement tools Pingdom and GTmetrix, Yslow.

We have a library with the 25 hottest niches on the Internet

... that are carefully researched niche, and full of lots of keywords which are often searched, reaching a large number of readers.

It ensures your website has the chance to generate the largest amount of money from that abundant source of customers

We give you 25 complete backup sites, so you can install as many domains as you like.

This is what is different about us, compared to others on the market. This gives you the following benefits:

Now you can have a lot of drop shipping store websites running; it's like a flock of golden geese laying eggs in your pocket every month.

You can kill a goose immediately by selling it to earn a quick profit, or you can feed your geese and enjoy the abundant income they bring. 

It’s your choice.


The best part is we will give the people who buy Overflow Dropshipping today the following bonuses


Your Complete Guide to Dropshipping

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about running a dropshipping business

This document have 76 pages. It show you 06 steps on how to dropshipping.

Such as how to setup an online store, how to drive traffic to your website, how to notify supplier when you have a sale etc... then how to handle customer service.


How to Sell on Pinterest – A Practical Guide for Ecommerce Success

This guide help you to multiply your traffic and sales by attracting perfect-fit customers with Pinterest.

Now you can use Pinterest and online shopping are a match made in ecommerce heaven.

This document have 17 pages. It show you how to set up a perfect Pinterest business account, etc... then how to Reach New Customers by Engaging Your Followers


Instagram marketing for e-commerce: the essential guide

This guide show you how to Build a brand presence for your ecommerce store and produce simpler, faster shopping experiences directly from Instagram with new shopping features.

It have 33 pages. It show you all the tips for how you can build a brand-first strategy on Instagram starting with the simple stuff:

  1. Creating and optimizing a business profile
  2. Identifying your target audience
  3. Curating your content


How to Use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Sales

This guide show you a proper strategy and effort if you want to play with the big dogs of eCommerce and beat them on Instagram.
You’ll be equipped with actionable Instagram tips that you can use to grow your eCommerce sales.

This guide have 34 pages. It show you how to optimize your profiles, Use the Right Imagery and Videos, Get the Most Out of Hashtags, etc... and then run contest.


The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert

  • The Basics of Facebook Ad Campaigns: How They Work and How to Make Them Effective: Discover how easy it is to start advertising on Facebook and the campaign types you should separate your marketing efforts by.
  • How to Master Your Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy: Learn effective techniques to use in each campaign type, see some real examples, and how to approach measuring your results.
  • Facebook Advertising Cost: Understand how to create a Facebook marketing budget by reviewing some baseline metrics and gaining insight from industry experts.
  • The 8 Best Facebook Advertising Tools and Services for Ecommerce Brands: Improve your ability to integrate your products with Facebook, monitor, and report on your campaigns using these effective tools.

This bad ass comprehensive guide  has 101 pages

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How to Sell on Pinterest – A Practical Guide for Ecommerce Success - value $27

Instagram marketing for e-commerce: the essential guide

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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Sales

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The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert

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